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Presenting to you the brand new series “Pratinidhi Kahaniyan” written by a renowned author, novelist, and acclaimed filmmaker, Ismat Chugtai. This series comprises 14 interesting episodes that delve into the life of the author, who is a muslim. So why wait? Start listening and discover the world of Ismat Chugtai, exclusively on “Audio Pitara.” Stay Updated on our shows at and follow us on Instagram and YouTube @audiopitara.

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So today, we will learn why Devi Lakshmi had to stay on Earth for three years. How did a simple gardener named Maadhav suddenly become wealthy, and why did the actual Goddess Lakshmi become his sister? Listen to “Pauranik Kathayen” only on “Audio Pitara.”
We are all familiar with the Mahabharata war, but only a few know why Abhimanyu, the son of Arjuna, met his end. Find out the answer by listening to this episode of “Pauranik Kathayen” only on “Audio Pitara.”
Today, we will learn about the philanthrophist Karna. The mystery of his birth and the secret of his mother Kunti placing him in a river right after his birth. Why did his mother do such an act? Let’s listen to the whole incident in detail in this episode of “Pauranik Kathayen” only on “Audio Pitara.”
We all know that Hanuman ji is known by many names, and one of them is Vaayuputra. But only a chosen few know the secret behind this name. If you want to know this secret, stay tuned until the end of this episode “Kaisa hua hanuman ji ka Jamn” only on “Audio Pitara” and also let us know if you knew the reason behind this name or not.
“Guru” is the embodiment of divinity, and if someone has defined the essence of a disciple, it is “Eklavya”. We all know about his dedication, and the story of him offering his own finger as Guru Dakshina. But do you know why Dronacharya asked for Guru Dakshina from him? Discover the story behind it, exclusively on “Audio Pitara.”
All of us know the love Hanuman has for Lord Ram. But do you know when and where Hanuman first met Lord Ram? And why did Lord Ram initially see Hanuman in the form of an ordinary Brahmin? Listen to the intriguing story behind their first meeting, exclusively on “Audio Pitara.”
Do you know why Maharishi Dwasa cursed Lord Indra? Why was Indra scared? What did Lord Indra do in the end? Listen to this episode till the end and give your feedback only on “Audio Pitara.”
Today’s story is about Arjuna’s son “Abhimanyu,” who was as good a warrior as he was a son. Despite being such a skilled warrior, what was the reason behind his sudden death? What was the secret behind his demise? Let’s find out the mystery behind this, in today’s episode “Shaurya ka Pratiroop Abhimanyu” only on “Audio Pitara.”
Today, we will learn about “Ashwatthama,” who was the son of Dronacharya, a just and righteous person, but Ashwatthama didnt have a single good quality of his father. He was cruel and unjust from a very young age. Let’s find out why he was so different from his father. Why was he called heartless? Why did he dislike the Pandavas? Listen to some stories related to Ashwatthama’s life only on “Audio Pitara.”
Arrogance is everybody’s enemy, and it was this arrogance that had taken over Krishna’s wife, Satyabhama, her Sudarshana Chakra, and her vehicle Garuda. Let’s find out how Lord Krishna, with the help of Hanuman, humbled all three only on “Audio Pitara.”
As soon as we are born, our death is certain. Death is the same for everyone, whether someone is a saint or a bandit; everyone has to go to the afterlife after death. Let’s hear a story where a saint had to serve a bandit, only on “Audio Pitara.”
The significance of Raksha Bandhan is known to all of us, but do you know why the worship of the sea is done on Raksha Bandhan day? Why do Brahmins tie rakhi on their patron’s hands on this day? To know, listen to this episode till the end only on Audio Pitara and share your Rakhi experience in the comments.
We all know about the mighty Raavan, and we also know that he was both physically powerful and intelligent. But have you ever wondered where did he get so much wisdom from? Have you ever thought about how his father was a sage and his mother a demoness? If you want to know more about Raavan, stay tuned until the end of this episode and share it with “Audio Pitara.”
Everyone knows about Ravana’s birth, but do you know why his brother Vibhishana possessed godly qualities? Why was Ravana called Dashgreev? And why did Nandi curse Ravana? To know the story behind all this, tune in to “Audio Pitara”.
Ghamand insaan ka dushman hai aur yahi ghamand ho gaya tha Krishna ki patni Satyabhama, unka chakra Sudharshan aur unka waahan Garur ko. Aaiye jante hain ki kaise Krishna ji ne Hanuman ji ki madad se kiya teeno ka ghamand chur sirf “Audio Pitara” par.
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