Meri Kahaniyan with Babita Patnaik

We bring you a heart-touching podcast series by Babita Patnaik. Babita ji is an Occupational Therapist based in the US. Despite living as an NRI for more than 30 years, she has managed to stay connected to her homeland’s culture. In her podcast series ‘Meri Kahaniyan’, Babita ji shares stories from her life that are truly unique. Listen to Babita ji’s captivating stories in her own voice, exclusively on “Audio Pitara.”

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This is the story of an ordinary girl living in Odisha, where we’ll find out why she goes to the US. What message does she have about her life? And who was coming to the US to meet her? Discover the answers to all these questions exclusively on “Audio Pitara.”
Here we’ll learn about Babita ji’s relationship with her children. Why did she feel alone on Mother’s Day? Why did she want to celebrate Mother’s Day in the hospital with a patient? And why did memories of her childhood days come back to her? To find out, listen to this episode till the end, exclusively on “Audio Pitara.”
In this episode, we will learn about Babita ji’s love for her pet horse, with whom she spent many years. We’ll understand her attachment and the pain she felt after her horse passed away. Explore the depth of her affection and grief in this episode, exclusively on ‘Audio Pitara.’ Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comment section.
In this episode, we will learn about Babita ji’s thoughts regarding her children and how she views our culture in comparison to the lifestyle of other countries. Discover her perspective on leading a good lifestyle and raising successful children. Understand her take on today’s competitive world. Listen to her struggles and insights exclusively on “Audio Pitara.”
Here, we will learn about Babita ji’s love for her mother and what she has to say about her mother and grandmother. She also shares about her grandfather and why she felt closest to him. Discover another interesting story from her life exclusively on “Audio Pitara.”
In this episode, we will learn about Babita ji’s thoughts on social media and modern technology. Why does she enjoy giving interviews? What secret does she reveal about winning people’s hearts? Discover the answers to these questions exclusively on “Audio Pitara.”
In this episode, we will learn about Babita ji’s love for her grandmother and her thoughts about her. Why was she afraid of her grandmother? Why was her grandmother sometimes referred to as ‘Hitlar’? What was her favorite memory associated with her grandmother’s house? And what thoughts did she share about her grandparents’ looks? Listen to another intriguing story from her life exclusively on “Audio Pitara.”
All of us have a fear hidden somewhere in our hearts which seems impossible to overcome. But with the right people and time we can all conquer our fears. Today’s story is of a girl with a phobia and how she overcomes it as a grown woman. Listen to “Bhay Par Vijay” only on “Audio Pitara.”
The month of Sawan is dedicated to the worship of Lord Shiva, and it’s celebrated not only in India but also in the USA. How did Babita ji celebrate the month of Sawan in the USA? Why do Americans also hold reverence for Lord Shiva? And why is July 4th celebrated as the national day in America? Find out on “Audio Pitara.”
In this episode, Babita Patnaik contemplates the sorrowful demise of Dr. Mock, a highly regarded orthopedic surgeon. She recounts the deeply saddening event in which Dr. Benjamin Mock, an expert in elbow, hand, and wrist surgeries, met his unfortunate end due to the actions of a patient.
Have you ever been to Isha Institute of inner sciences? If not, do you want to know what it’s like to be there? Let’s listen to Babita Patnaik’s experience of this place. Was she able to meet Sadhguru? And what’s Bhairavi devi ki stuti? To know, listen to this episode of “Meri kahani with Babita Patnaik”, “The incredible experience of Isha Institute” only on Audio Pitara.
All of us get so caught up in our career, day to day lives, etc, that we forget meeting up with our loved ones, don’t we? Especially the people who live far away, right? It was the same with Babita Patnaik. She was meeting her sister who lives in Memphis after 3 months. How was her trip? Did she feel good and grateful or did she regret going on this trip? To know, listen to this episode of “Trip to Memphis” only on Audio Pitara.
Babita Patnaik ran a Home Health company with her husband for 11 long years for the elderly population. But why did they have to close down because of covid? What were the issues they faced after closing the company? And how did this journey teach Babita about the power of love and compassion? What made her put aside the physical attributes and intellect of a person and respect them for their soul? To know, listen to this episode of “Covid” only on Audio Pitara.
In this episode you’ll know about the famous Odia singer Bibhu Das. Do you know how he was discovered? How was he able to meet and impress the famous singer Akshaya Mohanty? How did he go from being a physics student to a singer? To know the answers to all these questions, listen to this episode “Singer Bibhu Das” only on “Audio Pitara”.
The question “Who am I?” lately frequents Babita Patnaik. She knows she’s a mother, she’s a person from Odhisha, she’s a therapist, etc. But they are all ‘roles’ that she plays. Who is she beyond that? And why is she suddenly questioning her identity? Is it because of her ego? Or is it because people naturally become inclined towards spirituality in their old age? To know, listen to this episode of “Main Kaun Hoon” only on Audio Pitara.
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