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Mera Shehar, a free Hindi podcast from Audio Pitara is a truly remarkable show that will take you on a journey across India and its vibrant culture. Through this show, you will get to explore the beauty of the country’s people, places and travel experiences, personal journals, and society & culture. It will provide you with invaluable insights into the complexities of relationships and the power of love, family, relationships, and friendship. The stories are narrated in a gripping and enthralling manner that will keep you hooked until the end. Not to mention, you will also gain a vivid understanding of various people’s different emotions and experiences. Mera Shehar will make you feel like you are a part of the story, leaving you with a feeling of fulfilment and gratification. #audiopitara #merasheher. So, don’t miss out on this remarkable show and seize the opportunity to gain knowledge and appreciation of different perspectives on life. Tune in to Mera Shehar to explore the soul of India and its people and their stories.

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This podcast tells the story of a boy who goes on a blind date in Jaipur. He is confused when he discovers that the cab sent by the girl is not going to the place he expected. However, when he finds out about the girl’s plan, he is impressed by her thoughtfulness and effort. Through this free Hindi podcast of Mera Shehar, listeners can find out what the girl planned for their date and how the boy was impressed by her. The podcast also includes other exciting episodes of Mera Shehar.
This podcast follows the journey of a resident of Patna who has a deep and unyielding connection with the city. Patna is celebrated for its engineering and medical coaching, and the resident cherishes fond memories of his college days in the city. He has a strong bond with Patna and many cherished memories, which this free Hindi podcast endeavours to unravel. Listeners can uncover the reasons for his attachment to the city and why he is no longer a resident of Patna by tuning into Mera Shehar “Patna” and its captivating episodes.
This enthralling story is about an enthusiastic school group of four girls in Allahabad – Tanu, Anupama, Nikita, and Khushboo – who are best friends despite their different personalities and have come together to create the creative group “Tank” to gain recognition in school. To reach their goal of becoming the top group in the school, they have taken a bold turn and planned daring and risky activities. Tune in to the free Hindi podcast Mera Shehar “Allahabad” to find out who leads the Tank group, what they have decided to do to gain attention, and whether they have succeeded, as well as other exciting episodes of Mera Shehar.
This podcast is about a guy posted in Hyderabad who was excited to taste the famous Hyderabadi biryani. However, he was unaware of the protocols and inadvertently violated some regulations, leading to his apprehension by the police. With no familiarity with the local language or customs, he found himself in a quandary, pondering whether to stay or flee the city of Hyderabad. To discover how he overcame his predicament, tune into a free Hindi podcast, ‘Mera Shehar Hyderabad’ and other enthralling show episodes of Mera Shehar.
Bodh Gaya is a story about a couple who has been together for many years, and despite the highs and lows of life, they are still standing strong. Their bond is so strong that it radiates through their actions, even when they don’t openly show their love. This story gives us an insight into the reality of being in a long-term relationship that has gone through some tough times. It also provides optimism that two people can still stay together with the same commitment even after so many years. Tune into our free Hindi podcast, “Mera Shehar Bodh Gaya”, for the latest and other enthralling episodes of Mera Shehar by Audio Pitara.
Amravati is an enchanting, ancient city in the Indian state of Maharashtra. It is renowned for its grandiose monuments, temples and historical sites, such as the Ambadevi Temple. Every year, thousands of devotees from all over India flock to this sacred temple to offer their prayers and seek blessings. This story revolves around a family visiting Amravati only to discover their beloved son has gone missing. Despite frantically searching for him everywhere, there is no sign of him. Will they be able to find their son? To find out, tune into the gripping episode of “Mera Shehar Amravati”, a free Hindi podcast, along with other riveting episodes of Mera Shehar.
This captivating podcast, Mera Shehar Jabalpur, follows a boy’s journey in 1979 from middle school to high school as he navigates the different cultures and prosperity that come with a new school. Having been separated from his old friends, he feels different and out of place in his new environment. As he experiences the differences that Jabalpur city offers, he embarks on making memories and facing the new situation head-on. Tune in to this free Hindi podcast and other exciting episodes of Mera Shehar by Audio Pitara to discover how he overcomes his challenges.
This story is about a boy who journeyed to Bhopal to reunite with his beloved childhood best friend. His friend took him around the city to watch a mesmerizing performance of Shakespeare’s timeless classic – Romeo and Juliet. While watching the play, he caught sight of a captivating girl and immediately felt an unexplainable connection. He was grateful for Bhopal city, as this was where his unforgettable memory was created. Did he approach her for a conversation? How did the fateful meeting turn into a meaningful memory? Listen to our free Hindi podcast of mera shehar by Audio Pitara to find out!
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