Khanabadoshi with Ajaat Yayavar

This new podcast Khanabadoshi with Ajaat Yayavar, explores the life and experiences of Ajat Yayavar through his Nomadic life, providing an insightful and unique look into his childhood, adult memories, and attachment to the people in his life with emotions, love and respect for them. He also shares stories of his experiences with supernatural energies and how he has navigated his way through them. The show will entertain and encourage listeners and provide invaluable insight into how people used to dominate each other, how personal grudges can cause relationships to break, and how to confront and overcome these challenges. So don’t miss this exciting opportunity to gain knowledge and inspiration. Listen now to our free Hindi podcast only by Audio Pitara! #audiopitara #khanabadoshi #withajaatyayavar #nomadiclife #freehindipodcasts.

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Khanabadoshi with Ajaat Yayavar is a show that shares the story of his name and who gave it to him. He also shared a heart-wrenching story of a poor couple he encountered on the roadside. The couple struggled to make ends meet, and their son suffered from cancer. Ajaat was scared and worried about that boy, as he was unsure if he would survive. To learn more about the story, Listen to our new episode of Khanabadoshi with Ajaat Yayavar! A free Hindi podcast by Audio Pitara.
In this episode, Ajaat yayavar shares the tale of a father and son who had a falling out, and the son left home without looking back. This story highlights how quickly things can change within families; Ajaat expresses the pain of a family extensively and how the parents and wife of this family feel in their grief and sorrow as they wait for their son to return home. After years, the family learned that their son had surrendered himself to a life as a monk. Will they be able to get their son back? To know the whole story, listen to our new free Hindi podcast and all other exciting episodes of Khanabadoshi with Ajaat Yayavar by Audio Pitara.
In this episode, Ajaat shared his extraordinary experience when he found a man in an injured condition at the roadside area. He was shocked to see the man. Everyone present at the scene took that man to the nearest hospital but unfortunately, he could not be saved. The postmortem of a man revealed an astounding 181 wounds on his body. The tragic death of that stranger man has left a deep scar in the hearts of many. He was an innocent victim of an unfortunate incident that could have been avoided. After his death, his family filed a complaint against the culprit. Does the family ever get the justice they deserve? To find out what happened? Listen to our new episode of Khanabadoshi with Ajaat Yayavar, a free hindi podcast by Audio Pitara!!!
In this episode of Khanabadoshi, Ajaat Yayavar tells the story of a village where people were killing each other out of personal grudges. Ajay tells the story of a people where power and control are used to dominate and harm each other. He paints a vivid picture of how this family and the people operated, and how their relationships were affected by their behaviour. He also explains the consequences of their actions, and how they shaped their lives. To know the whole story listen to our new episode of khanabadoshi with Ajaat Yayavar, a free Hindi podcast by Audio Pitara!!!
One day Ajaat was walking back from work when he found a woman who had gotten lost in the city. He was determined to help her, but he couldn’t understand her language. With the help of a person who understood her language, he was able to understand her problem. That woman came into the city to find her son, who came to Mumbai in search of work but never returned. Will Ajaat ever be able to find the boy and reunite him with his mother? To know the whole story, listen to our new episode of Khanabadoshi with Ajat yayavar, a free Hindi podcast by Audio Pitara!!!
This gripping episode uncovers Ajaat Yayavar’s NCC training and hostel experience. As all the other students were away in their hometowns during summer vacation, he was the only one stuck in the sweltering heat of the hostel. He would take late-night baths and sleep in his hostel room to beat the heat. One night, he was startled by the mysterious figure of a veiled woman standing right before him. Was it real or just a figment of his imagination? To discover the truth behind this spine-tingling mystery, listen to Audio Pitara’s free Hindi podcast Khanbadoshi’s episode – ‘Saaya’ and forget to follow us for more supernatural episodes like this.
This episode discovers Ajaat Yayavar’s camp training in tracking at the glacier of India’s china border. Due to his love for nature and animals, he could not sleep at night and wanted to explore the area late at night. While traversing the region, he witnessed an exquisite beauty clad in a fragile white cloth in the cold. She was the most beautiful and sexiest woman he had ever seen. Who was that strange and attractive woman? To discover the answer to this spine-tingling mystery, listen to the free Hindi podcast of Khanabadoshi, “Supernatural experience at glacier”, and all the other exciting episodes by Audio Pitara.
In this episode of Khanabadoshi, Ajaat Yayavar and his friend set off to explore the mysterious and much-feared ‘Lalgad’ horror place in Indore. On the night of the new moon, their villagers warned them of the dangers of this place, but the duo decided to ignore them and move forward with their plan. They ran away from there the next morning, feeling sick and confused. What exactly did they experience the whole night? To find out, tune in to our free Hindi podcast Khanabadoshi and listen to the thrilling episode, ‘Krishna Paksh ki Chaudas’, along with other exciting stories by Audio Pitara.
This episode discovers Ajaat Yayavar’s school life journey to becoming an adult. Ajaat was a scholar at his school and loyal too. In those days, the students used to call the teacher ‘Behenji’, and he was one of the favourite students of his teacher. She used to share every detail with him, and they had a strong bond. As he went to high school and college, they couldn’t meet anymore, and their meetings stopped, but he used to miss her and her words. Did Ajaat Yayavar meet his favourite person, Behenji? To know in detail, please listen to our free Hindi podcast, Khanabadoshi’s Tumhari Behen Ji and other exciting episodes by AudioPitara.
This episode discovers Ajaat’s favourite Hindu priest, Puraani Maharaj, who shares Puran and Hindu mythology knowledge. Villagers initially mistook his chattering behaviour as a sign of madness, but they respected him nonetheless. The priest was nomadic, and so, after a long time, he didn’t visit Ajaat’s village. Ajaat, curious to know more about him, visited Rajasthan at his place and learned a twist in Puraani Maharaj’s story. This twist increased Ajaat’s respect for the priest even more. What was the twist in Puraani Maharaj’s story? Tune in to Audio Pitara’s free Hindi podcast of Khanabadoshi’s Puraani Maharaj and other exciting episodes to find out!
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