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India has seen a surge in the number of scams between 2000 to 2015. These scams have not only caused financial losses to individuals but also caused significant damage to the reputation of the country. From the 2G Spectrum Scam to PNB Scam, these frauds have taken a toll on India’s economy and its citizens. The 2G Spectrum Scam is one of the most notorious Indian scams at times. It involved the illegal allocation of telecom licenses by politicians and bureaucrats for personal gain. The CWG Scam was another major scam which involved the alleged misappropriation of funds during the 2010 Commonwealth Games held in Delhi. Similarly, Vijay Malya’s alleged loan defaults resulted in a massive banking scam which affected thousands of people across India. Not only these, but there so many other scams that had taken place in India These Indian scams have highlighted the need for strong legal enforcement and better corporate governance practices in order to ensure that such frauds do not occur again in future. To know who was behind these scams? What was their motive?  How were they able to pull them off? And why were they so successful in the first place? Then listen to Audio Pitara’s new podcast show INDIAN SCAMS! absolutely free in Hindi.

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The 2G Spectrum Scam is a major corruption scandal that rocked the Indian political scene in the early 2010s. It involved the illegal allocation of spectrum licenses to telecom companies at throwaway prices, resulting in a loss of Rs. 1.76 lakh crore to the exchequer. This scam was one of the biggest financial scandals ever uncovered in India, and it led to several high-profile arrests and convictions, including those of former Telecom Minister A Raja and DMK leader Kanimozhi. In this episode, we will be exploring who was behind this major scam and how it unfolded. Keep following the Indian Scams Hindi Podcast show for more episodes like this from Audio Pitara.
The Telgi Stamp Paper scam is one of the most notorious scams in India. It was a massive fraud perpetrated by Abdul Karim Telgi, a businessman from Karnataka, who sold fake stamp papers to banks and other financial institutions. The scam caused losses worth billions of rupees to the Indian economy and brought shame to the nation. It also exposed the vulnerabilities in India’s banking system and highlighted the need for tighter regulations and stricter enforcement of laws. In our new episode, we will take a closer look at this scam and how it affected people in India. If you’re looking for more episodes like this from Audio Pitara, make sure you keep following the Indian Scams Hindi Podcast show! Get ready for lots of captivating and riveting content, only on the Indian Scams Hindi Podcast show!
The Commonwealth Games (CWG) 2010 Scam is one of the biggest scams to have hit India. It involved the misappropriation of funds allocated for the CWG which was hosted in Delhi in 2010. It is estimated that around Rs 70,000 crore was siphoned off from the public exchequer due to this scam. This scandal has had far-reaching implications on India’s reputation as a nation and has exposed its poor governance systems in our new episode. Explore who was responsible for this scandal and how they managed to pull off such a massive fraud. For more interesting scams, follow our show Indian Scam by Audio Pitara.
The IPL scam of 2008 was one of the biggest Indian scams in recent memory. The scam caused a huge uproar in the country and brought to light the problem of corruption in India. It also highlighted how easy it is for powerful people to get away with such crimes. This incident has since been used as an example to illustrate the dire need for transparency and accountability in Indian politics. This episode will take you through the details of this infamous scam and its masterminds. Listen to Audio Pitara to get the inside scoop on India’s biggest scam in recent memory!
India has been hit by several scams in the past few years, with the cobbler scam being one of the most infamous ones. where unsuspecting victims are duped into buying fake shoes from cobblers. The mastermind behind this scam is still unknown, but it has caused a lot of financial losses for its victims. To know more about the cobbler scam and how it works, listen to our new episode. For more interesting scams like this follow Indian Scams Hindi podcast show by Audio Pitara.
The PNB scam of 2018, masterminded by Nirav Modi, a diamond jeweller and designer, was the biggest banking fraud in Indian history. It is estimated that Nirav Modi and his accomplices siphoned off around 10,000 crore from the PNB branch in Fort, Mumbai. To achieve this, Nirav Modi allegedly created dummy companies and used the SWIFT network to transfer funds. The exposure of this scam resulted in Nirav Modi’s arrest in the United Kingdom, and the Indian government subsequently passed the Fugitive Economic Offenders Act (2018) and integrated the SWIFT network with the Core Banking System. To learn more about this scam and all of the other scams in Indian banking history, it is recommended to listen to the full audio and all episodes of Indian scams by Audio Pitara.
The Bofors Scandal of the 1980s and 90s remains one of the most controversial and well-known cases of arms dealing in India. In 1987, Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi infamously declared that allegations of bribery in a deal between the Indian government and the Swedish weapons company Bofors AB were false. However, in 1999 the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) filed a case against several individuals accused of involvement in the scandal, including Ottavio Quattrocchi, an Italian businessman, and Win Chaddha, a British businessman. The Congress party faced difficulty in handling the situation amid allegations of corruption and cronyism. Following a lengthy investigation, the CBI declared the case closed in 2011 after the agency failed to find sufficient evidence to prove any criminal conspiracy. Despite this, several fraudsters were caught and punished in jail for their involvement in the scandal, including two senior executives from Bofors. Listen to the full episode now to know in detail and names of fraudsters involved in the Bofors Scandal, as well as other Indian scams. To know more about scams that happened in India, follow the Indians Scams Hindi podcast show by Audio Pitara.
Ramling Raju was the mastermind behind the infamous Satyam Scam in Sikandrabad. He allegedly falsified the company’s accounts, creating false assets, inflating profits and fudging revenues to the tune of over $1 billion. His brother-in-law may have been complicit in the fraud, as he allegedly suggested that Raju start the IT company. The twenty employees who joined Raju’s company were unaware of the fraud and were presumably unaware of Raju’s intentions. Despite their lack of knowledge, the company achieved great success, becoming the fourth-largest IT company in the world, with an astonishing turnover of one billion dollars. When Raju resigned in January 2009, the employees were left to deal with the fallout of the fraud. Many of them were left unemployed and had to deal with the financial and emotional effects of the fraud. To find out more about the Satyam Scam and other fraudulent activities, listen to the full audio and more scams like this only on Audio Pitara’s Indian Scams.
Harshad Mehta, an infamous Indian stockbroker, was infamously known as the “Big Bull” of the stock exchange market. He achieved widespread notoriety for his sudden and impressive success in the stock market, leaving the general public to question the legitimacy of his success. It was later revealed that he had been engaging in illegal activities, such as using money from banks to speculate in the stock market. Journalist Sucheta Dalal bravely exposed the truth behind the Harshad Mehta scam, which instigated significant changes to the buying and selling process of shares and has become a part of financial history. But how did he start investing in the stock market? How did he use banks’ money without their knowledge? How did the Harshad family face this situation? To get answers to these questions and to know in detail about the biggest stock market scam ever in India, listen to our podcast series about Indian scams. We have several episodes dedicated to this type of scam, so don’t miss out on this great opportunity to know more about one of the most notorious scams in Indian history.
Vijay Mallya was once a renowned businessman who was accused of a massive fraud amounting to 9,900 crores. He borrowed from numerous banks and misused the funds. The Hyderabad High Court filed a case against him for failing to repay a cheque issued to GMR Hyderabad International Airport Ltd. Mallya was unable to appear in court, leading to a failed extradition plea in the London High Court and UK Supreme Court. As a consequence, the Debt Recovery Tribunal seized his shares under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act in order to retrieve the debt. Though Mallya managed to flee the country, his business, Kingfisher, suffered greatly due to his scam. To know more about Mallya’s scam and other Indian scams, listen to the full audio and all the episodes of the Indian scams hindi podcast show by Audio Pitara.
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