Ghunghrale Baal Wali Ladki

Ghunghrale Baal Wali Ladki tells the story of Montu, a young teenage boy who is struggling with his studies and school life. One day, while out with his school friends, Montu notices a beautiful girl with curly hair at the shop they frequent. Instantly smitten, Montu is unable to control his feelings and starts to visit the shop often just to catch a glimpse of her. He is mesmerised by her beauty, but also curious to know more about her as a person – her likes, dislikes, and why she seems so alone. Montu watches her every day, but one day something happens that forces Montu to stay home. Now, Montu is worried that he may never see her again. To find out the full story, listen to our new show, Ghunghrale Baal Wali Ladki, a free Hindi podcast show by Audio Pitara!

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In this episode, we witness Montu’s frustration with his mundane life – where all he does is study, with no other activities. So he decided to go out with his friends without his parents’ permission, they travel by bicycle and eventually make their way to the usual shop they frequent. Montu is happy to be spending time with his friends after so many days, but then he notices smoke and assumes someone is smoking nearby. Turning around to talk to the smoker, Montu is shocked to see a woman with curly hair – her beauty mesmerises him and he is instantly attracted to her. Before anything can happen, she disappears and Montu returns home, wondering if he’ll ever be able to find the mysterious stranger. To find out what happens, listen to our new episode of ‘Ghunghrale Baal Wali Ladki,’ a free Hindi podcast by Audio Pitara!!!
In this episode, Montu was deeply attracted to a girl and willing to go to any lengths to meet her. He was so obsessed with her that he robbed his mother’s ten rupees from the top of the fridge and went to the shop where she used to go for a smoke. He waited for her, and when she arrived, he stealthily took her discarded cigarette. Montu was curious to know more about her, so he visited the same place daily to catch a glimpse of her. But all his efforts were in vain when his pre-board results came out, and he failed two subjects. His mother was furious and stopped him from stepping out of the house. Will Montu ever meet his crush? To find out, tune in to our free Hindi podcast, Ghunghrale Baal Wali Ladki, written by Samardeep Sood and narrated by Amit Deondi only on Audio Pitara.
In this episode, Montu had been having a rough time. He had failed his exam and was missing an attractive girl he had been seeing. In a desperate attempt to feel close to her, he started smoking on his terrace while his family members were asleep. His health deteriorated, and his mother had to take him to the doctor. But this gave him the perfect excuse to see the girl again as he started tuition. After tuition ended, he ran to where she used to go and waited a long time for her. When she finally arrived, she shared a bun-maska with him and gave him some tips on tackling the situation. What did she say, and how did Montu handle it? Find out in our free Hindi podcast, Ghunghrale Baal Wali Ladki, written by Samardeep Sood and narrated by Amit Deondi only on Audio Pitara.
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